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Local Rule

Application of U/L rule at KIX and Monthly data Release to KIXCAB

1. Type of Service
While there exist 4 types of service such as the Scheduled Flights, Ad-Hoc Flights, Business Aviation (BA) and General Aviation (GA), JSC deals only with the Scheduled Flights. Other types of flights like Ad-Hoc Flights, BA and GA are treated by KIXCAB.

2. Monthly Data Release
JSC deals the Scheduled Flights up until around one month before the planned operations, then releases the monthly data of Scheduled Flights to KIXCAB. After its reception, KIXCAB will add Ad-Hoc Flights, BA and GA.


3. Monitoring of Flight Operations
After monthly data release to KIXCAB, JSC has no knowledge as to how the actual operations are conducted at the airport. KIXCAB is in charge of monitoring of all flight operations including the calculation when distributing monitoring results.

4. Determination of Historics
The historic rights will only be given to the Scheduled Flights. As KIXCAB is in charge of monitoring of all flight operations, the calculation of 80/20 will naturally be done by KIXCAB. In its calculation, slots held on file by JSC before monthly data release will be used as a basis for determination of historics.

(Example of Calculation of historical slots)

Initially 22 flights allocated by JSC
→ 2 flights cancellation at JSC      <22-2=20>
→ 5 flights cancellation at KIXCAB    <20-0=20>
15 Operation<22-2-5> ÷20Flights<22-2> filed at JSC = 75%

5. Slot Historic List (SHL)*
JSC provides each airline with the details of their historic slots as a SHL message based on the results of 80/20 calculation. These messages are distributed for each airport after the historic slots are determined, but not later than the SHL Deadline.

6. Review of SHL by Airlines*
Airlines must review the SHL message and acknowledge its receipt to JSC. If an airline disagrees with the determination of historics, then it must contact JSC as soon as possible but no later than the Agreed Historics Deadline. If there is a disagreement regarding U/L calculation that cannot be solved with JSC, then an airline is encouraged to contact FUKCAB. It nonetheless remains the sole responsibility of the airlines to monitor the usage of their slot series.