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Local Rule

Application of U/L rule at CTS and Monthly data Release to CTSCAB

1. Type of Service
While there exist 4 types of service such as the Scheduled Flights, Ad-Hoc Flights, Business Aviation (BA) and General Aviation (GA), JSC coordinates only the Scheduled Flights. Other types of flights like Ad-Hoc Flights, BA and GA are treated by CTSCAB.

2. Monthly Data Release
JSC coordinates the Scheduled Flights up until around one month before the planned operations, then releases the monthly data of coordinated Scheduled Flights to CTSCAB. After its reception, CTSCAB will add Ad-Hoc Flights, BA and GA.


3. Monitoring of Flight Operations
After monthly data release to CTSCAB, JSC has no knowledge as to how the actual operations are conducted at the airport. CTSCAB is in charge of monitoring of all flight operations including the On Time Performance (OTP) and the calculation when distributing monitoring results.

4. Monitoring Results
There is no historic right applied at CTS since CTS is Level 2 airport.However, JSC provides airlines with the list of schedules which was not operated more than 80%, and they will be treated with lower priority at initial coordination. As CTSCAB is in charge of monitoring of all flight operations, this calculation will naturally be done by CTSCAB. In its calculation, slots held on file by JSC before monthly data release will be used as a bases for the monitoring results. The messages are distributed no later than the SHL Deadline.

(Example of Calculation of Monitoring Results)

Initially 22 flights confirmed by JSC
→ 2 flights cancellation at JSC     <22-2=20>
→ 5 flights cancellation at CTSCAB    <20-0=20>
15 Operation<22-2-5> ÷20Flights<22-2> filed at JSC = 75%