Slot Monitoring Committee

General Outline

1. The Slot Monitoring Committee’s objective

The Slot Monitoring Committee convenes a session gathering airlines serving to the target airports, airport operators and other concerned parties with the aim to fully utilize valuable airport infrastructure through unified and steady implementation of slot monitoring in Japan in light of the provisions on slot monitoring specified in the “Worldwide Slot Guidelines Edition 10” revised in August 2019.


Monitoring of an appropriate use of slots will be conducted in two phases, pre-operation and post-operation analysis in accordance with the revised guidance of WASG intending to:

  • Ensure that operation at the Target airports are in accordance with the slots as allocated.
  • Ensure that slots are used in line with the Use It or Lose It rule.
  • Prevent the misuse of slots. etc…

3.Target Airports

Narita International Airport/Tokyo International Airport/Fukuoka Airport/Kansai International Airport/New Chitose Airport

4.Contents of monitoring

●Heads-up on the return of unused slots(Timing of the action)

  • Before the Series Return Deadline specified by IATA
  • At the time of approving an operation plan
  • At the time of response in monthly coordination
*When returning slots after the slot return deadline set by IATA, a definite reason for the delay shall be given. In case of a return of slots without a definite reason for the delay shall be regarded as the misuse of slots.

●Identify a discrepancy between the operation plan and the allocated slots(Timing of the action)

  • At the time of application of the operation plan at the end of the season
  • At the start of monthly coordination

●Identify a discrepancy between the allocated slots and the operation results

5.Handling of the monitoring results

●In the event that a misuse of slots (Operation without an allocated slot, operation at a significantly different time from the allocated slot , inappropriate return of slots, etc.) is identified, the airline will be interviewed and required to return the slots immediately.
Depending on the result of the interview, Civil Aviation Bureau establishes a corresponding policy on the subject event prior to allocation of slots for the next equivalent season, and takes measures as needed.